Sunday, December 25, 2005

Winters in Abu Dhabi

There is no feeling like waking up to a cold foggy morning on a weekend. It is more so, if you are living in this part of the world (United Arab Emirates).
UAE winters are hardly winters for someone who has experienced 21 North Indian winters (wasn't that lucky on the remaining three occasions). As much as I want to go home this winter, looks like I'll have to miss it this time aswell. However, I have been making the most of what is on offer. It was ususually foggy and cold last Friday morning and that was good enough a reason for me to have my first morning walk in six months. I wanted to capture every shade of that Abu Dhabi morning and I did make an attempt to do just the same. The experience was awesome. Plan to do the same next weekend aswell. Hope I wake up to a similar morning next Friday :-)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Of Bowling and Snooker...

There is something with ball games (no Double Entendres intended). I just seem to love 'em. As if Cricket, Football, and Basket Ball were not enough, I have recently developed a liking for Bowling and Snooker. Much to the pleasure of my senses, I played a lot of Snooker last weekend. Tried my hand at bowling aswell but was never really able to knock all of 'em down. but I have reasons to believe that I am a quick learner. So, I should do better next time... Hope to get my ball-fundaas right... ;-)

On the road to the Indian School of Business...

I had my ISB telephonic interview recently. I think I did well. It was wonderful talking to Mr Menon and Ms Hema. Had that feel good positive feeling when I just got done with it. However, when I look back in retrospect, I realize that I could have done better on a couple of counts. Anyways, I have learnt my lessons. But there's hardly anything I can do now except waiting for the results.
Lets see how it goes... The results will be out by the first week of Jan...