Monday, December 18, 2006

R1 results

The round 1 results for admission to the ISB were declared 2 days ago. Some people were escatic, some dejected and all the others are waitlisted. Thats exactly how it was last year. I remember each and every moment of that Abu Dhabi winter morning (Jan 7, 2006) when the R1 resutlts for the class of 2007 were declared. I didnt sleep the night before. Infact, I had a long walk with R paaji (btw paaji, I miss those long walks and the roof-top pizzas and coffees) at night in anticipation of a favourable result next day morning. Next day morning saw my anxiety levels sky-rocket. But then, I got the mail - the mail that brought me here, to this roller-coaster ride.

Very soon, the class of 2008 will take over. I wish the admits and the R2 applicants good luck. One bit of suggestion to the R1 admits - Relax now and charge yourself for the most enjoyable and the most hectic year of your lives. Welcome to ISB!


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